Nullity of Marriage ("Annulments")

  • Canonical Counsel and Representation for Petitioners and Respondents

  • Drafting and Filing of the initial Petition ("Libellus"), Advocate's Briefs, Recourses, Appeals, and Complaints of Nullity before local Appellate Courts, the Sacred Roman Rota, the Supreme Tribunal  of the Apostolic Signatura, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith and other Dicasteries

  • Translation from Latin into English of Decrees and Sentences of the Roman Rota and other Vatican Dicasteries


Clerics and Religious

  • ​Full Defense of Priests, Deacons, and Religious against Administrative Decrees and Criminal Prosecution

  • Appeals and Hierarchical Recourse against Sentences and Decrees of the Diocesan Bishop, Vicar General, or Diocesan Tribunals and Judges

  • Expert Counsel in Administrative Procedures, and Extrajudicial and Judicial Penal Processes

  • Dismissal from the Clerical State under Special Faculties or Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith Processes

  • Canonical Counsel and Advice for Vatican Trials and Processes (e.g. CDF, Dicastery for the Clergy, Tribunal of the Roman Rota)

  • Referrals to Advocates of the Holy See and Rotal Advocates

  • Denial of the Right to Remuneration, Sustenance, Benefits, Stipends, Health Insurance, Lodging, etc.

  • Removal from a Parish

  • Transfer from a Parish

  • Limitation or Withdrawal of Faculties, Total or Partial

  • Excardination/Incardination into a Benign Diocese, Loan to another Diocese

  • Exclaustration

  • Archdiocese for Military Services 

Diocesan Assistance

  • Advocate's Briefs by Ex Officio Appointment

  • Animadversions of the Defender of the Bond 

  • Vota pro rei veritate of the Promoter of Justice in Nullity of Marriage or Penal Cases

  • ​Assessor ad casum for Briefer Process Nullity of Marriage cases (cf. cann. 1676, par. 2; 1685 CIC)​

  • Fluency in Spanish, French, Italian

  • Translation from Latin into English of Decrees and Sentences of the Roman Rota and other Vatican Dicasteries

Penal Cases 

  • Review Board Defense of Clergy

  • Administrative/Hierarchical Recourse 

  • Appeals to the Holy See

  • General Clergy Procuration and Defense

  • Obtainment of Due Sustenance and Remuneration

The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and other Sacraments

  • Denial of Authorization to use the Roman Missals of Pope St. Pius V/John XXIII

  • Illicit Denial of Holy Communion 

  • Invalid Eucharistic Matter

  • Invalid Absolution from Sins

  • Grave Violations of Liturgical Rubrics and/or Diocesan Norms

  • Innovations in the Liturgy

  • Problematic Homilies and Sermons


  • Slander or Libel

  • Illicit Psychological Testing/Penalization for not undergoing Psychological Testing

  • Denunciations

  • Cease and Desist Letters


  • Hierarchical Recourse against Illegitimate Decisions of the Pastor, Vicar, or Bishop

  • Associations of the Faithful

  • Reparation of Harm suffered by the Faithful as a Result of Illegitimate Acts of Clergy and Laity

Temporal Goods (Ecclesiastical Property)

  • Reduction of Churches to Profane Use

  • Preservation of Donative Intentions

Nota Bene​: The above represent the most common, but not exclusive, areas of practice.

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