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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marc BALESTRIERI, J.C.L. - Founder and President of Canonical Aid

License to Practice: before any Ecclesiastical Court in the world, except the Tribunals of the Holy See

Specialization: Nullity of Marriage, Penal Canon Law, Rotal Jurisprudence and Praxis, Rights of Clerics and the Faithful.

Licentiate in Canon Law (J.C.L.) from the Pontifical Gregorian University (‘98) of Rome.  Recruited to serve as a staff canonist for the Sacred Roman Rota in the Vatican for the Holy See, his record also includes service in the United States for the Archdioceses of Saint Paul & Minneapolis, Saint Louis, and Los Angeles; England for the Archdiocese of Westminster; and France for the Archdiocese of Strasbourg.   While serving in the Catholic Church's supreme judicial court, he received advanced internal training in Rotal Jurisprudence at the Studium Romanae Rotae, the Vatican's Law School.  Over the years, he has held the canonical offices of Collegial Judge Ponens in First and Second Instances, Promoter of Justice, Defender of the Bond, and Auditor.  He has exercised by ex officio appointment the functions of Assessor, Notary, and Penal Investigator.  Since 1998, he has provided canonical counsel and representation as a licensed canon lawyer (“Procurator”, “Advocate”, “Iurisperitus”).  He has taught Canon Law as an Adjunct Professor of the University of Saint Thomas for the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity.  He is fluent in English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Latin, and proficient in German.

Prof. Dr. Andrea ERRERA, J.C.D., R.R.Adv. ​- Of Counsel as Advocate of the Roman Curia and Rotal Advocate

License to Practice: before any Ecclesiastical Court in the world, including any Vatican Congregation

Specialization: Appeals to the Roman Rota and Recourse to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and other Vatican Tribunals

Doctorate in Canon Law (J.C.D.) summa cum laude from the Pontifical Lateran University ('94).  Doctorate in Civil Law Jurisprudence summa cum laude from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in 1990.   Since 2005 he has taught Canon Law at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.  He is Tenured Professor in the History of Medieval Canon and Civil Law and since 2015 Ordinary Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Parma. Since 2005, he has taught Jurisprudence at the LUISS in Rome, and since 2015 he is a member of the Faculty of the School of Archivistics, Paleography, and Diplomacy of the Archive of the State of Parma.   Licentiate in Canon Law summa cum laude from the Pontifical Lateran University in 1992.  After completing his postgraduate studies at the Vatican’s law school, the Studium Romanae Rotae, in 1994 he obtained the Diploma of Rotal Advocate, entitling him to plead before the Church's supreme judicial court, the Sacred Roman Rota, and represent the faithful anywhere in the world before any ecclesiastical Tribunal without the need for any episcopal approval.  In 2007, he was admitted to practice before Italy’s supreme judicial court, the Court of Cassation.  He has taught at the Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro (1997-2014), the University of Reggio Calabria (2001-2005), the University of Cosenza (1999-2002), the European University of Rome (2005-2011).  Since 2014, he is an Advocate of the Roman Curia, able to represent the faithful before any tribunal of any Dicastery or Congregation in the Vatican.  He is a member of the Papal Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher.  He is fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, and Latin.

Dr. Fabio ADERNÒ, J.C.D., R.R.Adv.​ ​- Of Counsel as Rotal Advocate and Advocate of the Vatican City State. 

License to Practice: before any Ecclesiastical Court in the world, the Sacred Roman Rota, except the Apostolic Signatura; Vatican City State Courts

Specialization: Appeals to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota 

Doctorate in Canon Law from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross ('12).  He successfully defended his doctoral thesis, Consortium Disciplinae: Penalty and Penance in the Discipline of the Ancient Church in the Writings and Thought of Giuseppe d’Ercole.  In 2012, after brilliantly completing his postgraduate studies at the Vatican’s law school, the Studium Romanae Rotae he obtained the Diploma of Rotal Advocate entitling him to plead before the Church's supreme judicial court, the Sacred Roman Rota and represent the faithful anywhere in the world before any ecclesiastical Tribunal.  Immediately recruited to serve the Holy See in the Apostolic Chancery as a staff canonist for the Roman Rota, he now practices full-time as a canon lawyer before the Church’s highest courts.  He was awarded his Doctorate in Italian Civil Law from the University of Naples, and recently obtained his Diploma of Peritus (“Expert”) qualifying him for appointment to pontifical commissions in ratum et non-consummatum (ratified and non-consummated) cases.  He is Extraordinary Commissary for the Defense of the Bond in super rato cases of the Sacred Roman Rota.  Prior to obtaining his Diploma of Rotal Advocate, he exercised the function of Defender of the Bond before the Regional Sicilian Ecclesiastical Tribunal.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Canon Law at the University of Studies of Catania in Sicily.  Since 2015, he is able to plead before the Tribunals of the Vatican City State.  He is fluent in Italian, French, Spanish, English, Latin, and Classical Greek.